Inexpensive Remodeling and Design Tips

If you are thinking about selling your house, or just want to enjoy some style upgrades, here are some things you can do that won’t involve major remodeling:

Create an open feeling:

In this remodel, I decided to leave the main wall, but remove the enclosed hall ceiling, side wall to the kitchen and the small island. The objective was to open the space by adding volume to allow the kitchen more light and feel more connected to the living and dining room. During the construction process, a central structural beam was unearthed! The picture demonstrates a common flooring solution. The flooring from the dining room to the kitchen changes (carpet to linoleum).

When I eliminated the change in flooring and kept it consistent throughout, it created an open feeling. 

Kitchen Dining Remodel

The result from making these small modifications……

We kept the midcentury detailing and integrity of the overall floorpan plan, but instead of compartmentalized rooms, the space now all flows together. The original cabinets were in great condition and solidly constructed. They were painted and got new hardware. The back splash is from the counter to the cabinets so there are no breaks in line of sight. Recessed lighting also adds height.

Here are some other examples of how to keep your existing space intact while maximizing an open feeling:

Bathroom Remodel

In this bathroom remodel, there was an enclosed shower and tub, typical of 70’s construction. There was a wall with a narrow storage cabinet at the end of the sink counter which further enclosed the shower/tub/toilet. We removed the enclosed shower to the ceiling, removed the dividing wall and cabinet, and added a glass panel in the shower. This is a master bath that only had one sink. For resale, and if you have room, add the second sink. This client loves our beautiful desert colors, especially turquoise. Because that is not a trending color, I used it sparingly to frame the mirror and as a small detail in the shower surround. Making it a small accent reduces its impact upon a future buyer. In the space saved by removing the wall and cabinet, I placed a beautiful rustic turquoise hutch. This is a wonderful burst of color in an otherwise desert toned bathroom.

My final example is also a bathroom remodel. In this case, the bathroom was not only narrow, but the enclosed shower surround was tight. The solution was to take an additional two feet from a hall closet, and add pocket doors to open the space. To create more open space, I chose a wall mounted sink counter to open up some room underneath. 

There are many more more design tips that can transform your existing space, achieve your goals and stay in your budget. Let me help you problem solve and keep an eye on reversing or increasing value to your home.

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