Freeman Project

Janelle Curry

Remodeled House, Studio and Landscape

The Tucson Freeman Project home & studio remodel.


Summer 2023

Industrial Modern Design with sensibilities in mind for the way we live today.

I started this project about one year ago. It was the former home of a loving friend to many and a locally known metal artist. So many lovely details were adorning the property, and it was important to retain as much of this unique charm as possible.

The first steps were clearing and assessing, and we didn’t get underway until May 2022. We started with finishing the studio space, making it a work/guest space. I was going for an industrial look, not perfectly polished.

The next undertaking was the main house. As with all projects, once we began to excavate were met with some surprises. Progress was slow, but steady.

The main idea behind the layout was to think about smart living for the way we need to live today. The focus was on a highly efficient use of the space, with private and public spaces carefully considered. Bedrooms and bathrooms were ample in size and highly functional, with ease to move around in the spaces where we spend the most time.

We doubled down on insulation and were thoughtful about window placements for best viewpoints, solar radiation, and light —And did away with the old-fashioned approach to heating and cooling, opting for zoned mini splits.

Materials were recycled and repurposed where possible, adding unique details to the project.

Overall, it was a special and rewarding project to work on!

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